The Merritt Mixed Slo-Pitch spring season will run 13 weeks starting approximately mid to late April until mid to late July.   During the 13 weeks each team will play one (1) day a week at Central Park. Game days and fields will be determined once registration is complete; however, start time for all league games are set to begin at 6:30pm.  The Year End Tournament is optional for all teams.  The tournament format will host a series of round robin games Friday and Saturday with a single game knock for Sunday. The tournament coordinators will calculate and divide each team into two divisions depending on the wins/loss/ties of each team through-out their league games.  Prizes will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd place winners of each division. There is a $100.00 tournament fee for each team to off set costs of the SPN umpirers we hire for the duration of the tournament and this fee is due prior to each teams first scheduled tournament game.  

The Merritt Mixed Slo-Pitch League is a Slo-Pitch National (SPN) sanctioned league.  With this are clear rules the league must abide to, some of which are the age of the membership, that each player registered with the Merritt Mixed Slo-Pitch League has completed the online SPN registration for insurance and liability reasons, follow the SPN code of conduct, approved bat list, and follow the SPN rules set out by the most current SPN Rule book with the exception of the "In House Rules" adopted by the league itself.

A Parental Consent Form must be completed for players under eighteen (18) years of age and must be a minimum of sixteen (16) years of age to play.  All players 16 years old at the time of the first league game will need a Parental Consent Form signed by the coach, player and parents prior to the first league game.  If the player turns 16 during the 13 weeks of the season the player is not permitted to play until his/her birthdate and must have the completed Parental Consent Forms handed in to the league executives prior to the player playing their first league game.  No individual will be considered at any time to play in the Merritt Mixed Slo-Pitch League if they are under 16 years of age.   Forms are available under the SPN tab at the top of this page or on the SPN website.

Merritt Mixed Slo-Pitch League Executives will register all teams electronically with SPN; however, coaches are responsible for adding and or removing their players to their team.  This will be discussed in length as needed with each coach.  For new teams the league executives can walk them through this process.  Each team will also receive an Online Registration Guideline sheet for aditional help.

Once the league is sanctioned (which means the league executives have added all registered teams, coaches have added all their intended players, all player's have completed their online liability and waiver form for their said team and the league has paid the registration fee's) the entire league will be insured by Jonesbrown Insurance Brokers and Consultatnts .  The league executives will be responsible for sharing the details of the Insurance Program to each coach; however, it is the coaches responsibility to inform his or her team members.  These details will also be avaialbe under the SPN tab at the top of this page as well as on the SPN website.  

Slo-Pitch National (SPN) and the Merritt Mixed Slo-Pitch League is committed to providing an environment in which all members are treated fairly and with respect.  Players, coaches and fans of teams who are a member of SPN and Merritt Mixed Slo-Pitch League shall be considered members of SPN and agree through the terms of membership to abide by the CODE OF CONDUCT for said members as outlined under the SPN Tab at the top of this page and the SPN website.

All bats that are used in the Merritt Mixed Slo-Pitch League must follow the exact same guideline and rules set out by SPN.  These details will also be available at the top of this page under the League Information tab labeled equiptment; however for the most up to date information always check the SPN website. 

The “In House Rules” are special rules adopted by the league however the rest of our rules default to the most current SPN rulebook. All coaches are given one (1) current SPN rulebook and a copy of the "In House" rules at the time of registration and are responsible for informing their team members of both.  If additional copies of the SPN Rules are needed it can be downloaded from the SPN website.  The league also has a rule adjudicator apointed for each season.  This person is assigned to help coaches understand the language used for the rules or in the event of a discrepancy with a rule, he/she will help resolve the issue. If interpretation of the rule is the problem it is both coaches responsibility to make the best decision possible during the game following the proper code of conduct (A copy of the Code of Conduct is given to each coach) to avoid a delay of game. After the game please email the rule adjudicator at for clarification.  Each team will receive an email or phone call with clarification of the rule. 


The Fall League is depended on team interest; however, if successful details will be released as soon as possible.

Although last year was successful we would have to adjust a few items to make it run a little smoother for teams.  Below is a quick snipet of the 2016 Fall Ball details.  However keep in mind there will be some minor changes put into effect for the 2017 Fall Ball season.  It started approximately mid August until the end of September. During the games ladies used the 11" slo-pitch ball and the men used the 12" slo-pitch baseball.  Each team will play one (1) day a week at Central Park. Game days and fields were determined once registration is complete and start time for all games were set to begin at 6:00pm. The fall league is only open to teams who were registered in the spring with Merritt Mixed Slo-Pitch League.  The Year End Tournament will have the same format as the Spring League; however, the winners will be awarded a cash payout for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. 

The fall league is also SPN sanctioned and will follow all SPN guidelines with regards to rules, insurance, injury incident forms, age limit, code of conduct and the approved bats list.  The fall league also has adopted "In House" rules that are different from the spring league. Access to all forms and/or information will be done via email.



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